Smoking ban

2 thoughts on “Smoking ban”

  1. You have to understand the benefit of taxing upon cigarettes though being a non-smoker I agree that there are obvious health problems

    The nightlife in Barcelona with the freedom to smoke in Bars & Nightclubs. It is one of few countries left in Europe with less restrictions upon your personal choices while cigarettes are less expensive in Europe in comparison to the United Kingdom.

    Still one should be able to enjoy the freedom to light up..

    1. How about my freedom to breath clean air ?
      I don’t mind if they smoke only in the bars or clubs.. I can avoid them.
      Just don’t smoke every where.. consider other people.
      Sometimes, When I have to go behind a smoker…. (man).. I have to stop until (s)he disappears.
      I hate person who smokes in public..

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